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The 8×8 Armored Vehicle Market — Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

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With the rapid transition from tracked to wheeled platforms in the global armored vehicles market, the importance of 8×8 vehicles have increased manifold over the past few decades. The growing popularity of such vehicles can be attributed to their better mobility and light weight, which results in improved combat capability in a battlefield. Additionally these vehicles also require lower operational and maintenance costs, while ensuring a longer operational life.

Key Findings
— Large scale modernization initiatives being undertaken by key defense spenders across the world are a primary factor that will drive the demand in the 8×8 armored vehicle market over the coming years. The need to replace aging vehicle fleets, particularly in countries in the European and Asian regions, is expected to further fuel the growth of this sector.

The 8×8 Armored Vehicle Market — Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments report offers insights into the industry with an analysis based on key trends, drivers and new developments in the domain. This report analyzes factors that influence demand for 8×8 armored vehicles, key market trends and technology developments in the sector.

Reasons To Buy
— Determine prospective investment areas based on trend analysis of the global 8×8 armored vehicle market

— Gain in-depth understanding about the underlying factors driving demand for 8×8 armored across the world and identify the opportunities offered by the current scenario

— Strengthen your understanding of the market in terms of demand drivers, industry trends, and the latest technological developments, among others.

— Identify the major channels that are driving the global 8×8 armored vehicle market, providing a clear picture about future opportunities that can be tapped, resulting in revenue expansion.


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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

End User Analysis

Market Drivers

Market Trends

Technological Trends and New Developments

Key 8×8 Armored Vehicles In Use

Recent/Expected Launches

Country Analysis — Profiles of five leading countries

Supplier Analysis — Profiles of five leading companies

  • Company Overview
  • Major Products
  • Alliances, Recent Contracts and Financial
  • Analysis

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