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Defense Industry Business Confidence Report — H1 2017

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The existing economic environment is stable for the defense industry, and customer confidence levels will remain positive during H1 2017. Survey results reveal that executives who operate in North America and Asia-Pacific project a more favorable opinion about economic prospects in the region for H1 2017. Increase in consumer spending, expected change in regulatory reforms due to political stability, targeted economic stimulus projects, and post-election tax reforms are expected to drive the growth of the defense industry in the US. The defense industry is expected to record higher expenditure towards new product development, and research and analysis in H1 2017. Moreover, executives who operate in North America highlighted a focus on improving operational efficiency over the next six months.


— In total, 52% of survey respondents indicate that the existing economic condition is stable for the defense industry. Additionally, 21% of executives highlight a favorable economic environment.
— The majority of survey respondents are confident about the company and industry growth outlook in H1 2017.
— In total, 47% of survey respondents project a positive or very positive change in customer confidence during H1 2017.
— The majority of respondents operating in North America anticipate an increase of 0.1% to 3.99% in supplier prices for equipment and components in H1 2017.
— Globally, operational efficiency, customer retention, and protecting and growing market share are the most preferred priorities for defense executives over the next six months.

Reasons to buy

— Helps organizations to make effective business strategy decisions by knowing the prevailing business conditions and sentiment within the defense industry
— Organizations will be supported in business expansion decisions by providing information about projected change in sales performance and supplier prices
— Helps to improve operational efficiency of the organization by knowing about key priorities and the main concerns of defense industry executives
— Helps to alter investment allocation by understanding key focus areas highlighted by survey respondents during H1 2017


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Table of Contents

— Definitions
— Methodology and sample size
— Respondent profile
Economic state, growth prospects and customer confidence
— Existing economic environment
— Industry and company growth outlook
— Expected change in customer confidence
Supplier prices, staff headcount and sales performance
— Supplier prices expectations
— Anticipated change in staff head count and sales projections
— Anticipated change in spend on key activities
Business concerns and organizational priorities
— Level of concerns and expected impact
— Significance of potential business priorities



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